Monday, May 17, 2010

never say never

I said I would never have a dog. I let my Aunt Cherri talk me into it, and brought Reggie home as a surprise gift for Paul last August--he wanted one so badly and needed the company since I was in Starkville at school most of the first four months we were married. Or, at least, that was the argument she suckered me in with.

I said he would never sleep with us. Now he sleeps with us every night. On my side of the bed. Often on my pillow. (Side note: Paul used to get mad that Reggie always sleeps on my side, so one night he insisted we do an experiment to see if it was me that Reggie is attached to or just that particular side of the bed. It is definitely just that side of the bed. Paul wanted us to permanently switch sides, but I refuse.)

I said that people who act like their dog is a person are crazy. I'm certifiable now. The proof: today is his 1st birthday--I went to the Three Dog Bakery this morning and bought him a "pup cake" (you know, like a cup cake.) I even bought him a party hat...I've lost it completely, obviously. And when Paul got home from work we had a little party.
He was reallly enjoying it!
We didn't let him eat all of it, and he thought he was being deprived.

So, needless to say, this dog I said I never wanted has me wrapped. Don't judge me. :)


  1. haha you crack me up! I am just like that with Nash AND i WILL be getting him a pup cake for his bday in Dec :) we are such great moms! btw LOVE LOVE LOVE the new layout for the blog..cutenss :F

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I think we have both had to eat our words when it comes to our little babies, er, I mean dogs.

  3. Nice. You bought your dog a cupcake. You've entered the crazy zone

  4. At least I'm admitting it...that's the first step, you know.


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