Friday, August 13, 2010

oh, the lovelies i have found today!

Well, at the moment I am sitting at a desk watching eight students work on 20th Century U.S. History work...yes, I'm subbing high school history today and it has been EASY-PEASY! I've only had a few kids in each class because the majority of this teacher's students are ninth graders and are on their "Freshman Retreat" today. They have just come right in and gotten right to work with hardly any talking, so that has left me with TONS of free time blogs! I am seriously sitting here trying to keep from smiling to myself because I am ecstatic about all the fantastic ideas and freebies I am finding! I just keep linking to more great stuff at every site...

Here are a few of the finds that have made my day:

This is a site where artists are invited to contribute a print that is totally free and available for PDF download. From their mouth, "this project [...] is to help art lovers feed their souls with art in these difficult economic times and to help artists promote their work." New prints are added on Mondays.
Here is the latest...I'm quickly becoming obsessed.

 This will be perfect for my room (which I spent all day yesterday cleaning out and organizing...saving that for another post). It is one of our little extra bedrooms turned my office, reading nook, crafting space, etc. Most importantly, my room does not have to suit Paul's decorating taste! :) I can't wait to get home to print and frame this baby!

They have lots of other great prints--from whimsical to industrial and everything in between...check 'em out!

First of all, don't you just love that name?! I'm always a sucker for a good play on words. If you are a mom, then you will definitely want to stop by this site. I'm already picking out stuff for our [non-existent] kiddos. Paul will be thrilled, I'm sure. This site features tons of shops that sell all things homemade. Here are a few of my favorite picks...

a reversible denim coat from louloubellbaby. how sweet is this?

this cute cute mobile from KLT works

and lastly, this sweet print, "For the Love of Books," from's another "print"--I told you these were becoming an obsession! 


You proably guessed already, but this is a (mostly) food blog by a girl who's motto is: "Eat Well. Run Often. Travel Far." I completely agree! Well, maybe not so much with the running part...I really wish I would get motivated in that department. But with the eating well and traveling far, I am definitely on board! Anyway, her blog is full of great (and healthy) recipes (they look and sound great, I'll let you know when we try one!), pretty photography, and fun stories. In her most recent post, she talks about the Iowa State Fair and all of the interesting, mostly deep-fried foods you can find there. She mentions a "Cornbrat on-a-stick (bratwurst dipped in corn dog batter & fried)" and how she hoped her husband didn't see this vendor because he would try to eat their entire inventory. Sadly, I fear this would be the exact same scene if Paul came even remotely close to the Iowa State Fair...cornbrat on-a-stick = heart attack on-a-stick. I was so excited to find this blog, because I've been hankering for some new recipes lately! Maybe I'll try these soon...
Baked sweet potato fries.
Paul tried sweet potatoes (only because they were fried!) for the first time last summer at one of our pre-wedding parties, and he liked them. Can you believe it. These will be healthier since they are baked...Wish me luck with his finicky tastebuds!

4)  a couple of home/interior design blogs...

Absolutely LOVE this woman's style.

LoVe her style too. Her baby's nursery is just perfect. I love everything about it!

Hope you enjoy these fun finds as much I am. :)


Happy Friday!!


  1. So should we assume you're sneakily trying to tell us something with the kiddo clothes AND a nursery posted today... even though you said "non existent kiddos". ha ha. Sorry - couldn't resist.

    PLEASE share if you try any of Iowa Girl Eats recipes - I'd be happy to follow suite if you report both yummy SUCCESS and ease in production.

    :) Glad to know you're surviving subbing today!

  2. HAHA...NOOO! That was def not a hint that we will be having or even want kids soon. Sometimes we get the itch, but then we just go pick up Taylor for a few hours! :)

    Definitely will report on any recipe attempts. I am all about goodness via easiness! Hope to try some this week...

  3. Cute nursery! Taylor needs a cousin! :)

  4. That free print site is awesome! I'm going to print some new art ASAP, my place needs it! That might be the bathroom art solution. I love that blog as well! I want to hang some plates in an arrangement like that in my kitchen.

  5. Em- that would be a great bathroom art solution! I think I'm going to get some linen textured card stock to print mine out on...And yes, I want to do that plate hanging in our kitchen, too. I have this piece (sort of a collage of plates) already hanging in the kitchen from Pier One but I am not really thrilled with it, so it may be going on Craig's List soon :)


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