Saturday, September 25, 2010

cardboard testimonies

A couple of weeks ago our church presented "cardboard testimonies." The first side of the cardboard tells who a person was BEFORE they encountered Christ and then the flipside tells who they are now--AFTER Christ has REDEEMED them.  It was a truly incredible time of worship as we witnessed people be totally honest and vulnerable so that they could share with others how Christ has transformed their lives by his grace and love.  Take a look at the video if you have a few minutes...

Central Church Cardboard Testimonies 11:00 Service from Central Church on Vimeo.

After the testimonies, our pastor challenged us to realize and act on the reality that people will remain in their "before"--will remain LOST-- unless we who are experiencing the "after" of knowing Christ and his peace share that with them.  [I don't want to debate whether God will or won't save someone because I did or did not share with them.  I just know that Christ has called all of us who know Him to share. {Matthew 28:19-20, 1 Peter 3:15}]  These cardboard testimonies were a visual wake-up call for me.  I've GOT to be more intentional about sharing the hope of Jesus with others.  

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