Friday, February 11, 2011

DIY {fail} + l.o.v.e.

After seeing this lovely wreath I've been wanting to make one similar for weeks.  I love having something hanging on the front door. It just seems more homey and welcoming.  And especially after all the Christmas decorations come down, the outside of our home just seems bare.  So I thought I would make a Valentine wreath.  [While I'm not big on the cheesiness and over-blown roses and chocolate kind of Valentines day, I do like the reminder to take a little extra effort to make sure those we love know it.  And as I have thought about the upcoming day, I John 4:19 keeps coming to my mind.]  I made a run to Hobby Lobby to pick up the supplies I would need and spent about an hour and a half Wednesday morning working on my wreath.  When I was finished with it, it just seemed like it was lacking something. But I couldn't figure out what else to do.  But while it was kind of plain, I didn't think it looked "that bad."  

Fast forward to when Paul gets home from work. What do you think, babe? as I hold up my wreath.  You think it looks good? he replies tentatively with the slightest of winces.   

{Enter here part one of my post title.}

I laughed and admitted it was a bit lacking. So our door remains bare, and I will spare you pics of my well-envisioned but ill-fated Valentine's wreath. 

Instead, I'll leave you with...

1) a link to some {maybe cheesy but still cute} 

2) the reason for all this fuss over Valentine's Day.
This Valentine's day, I pray you know how {immensely and unconditionally} loved you are. And I hope you will find a sacrificial way to show that same kind of love--His love-- to someone else.  That's what I'm aiming for... 


  1. considering your Vday wreath fail... wanted to make sure you saw this post from my sis. Ha!

  2. haha! Obviously, V-day decor just isn't meant to be!


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