Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hello, again.

Well, I'm back...after the most crazy busy, stressful--but good--year of my life!

I know you all (I'm pretending I have a stellar, loyal, and large readership) have been anxiously awaiting my next riveting post! (Thank you for indulging this illusion delusion.) Since I have posted all of about three times since August of last year, I'm sure my all of about two readers have jumped ship by now, but that is just fine with me...I "blog" mainly for have an "outlet" for my ever-running mind and as a sort of scrapbook-ish chronicle of our life. (Many thanks to my paternal Grandmama for passing down her journalling habit. Her mounds of spiral notebooks are my tapping out on the screen--but I admit, I do have a few notebooks, too.)

Now to return from that most necessary digression. So with my next several posts, I plan to try to catch myself up on this past record some thoughts and lessons learned from my very first year of teaching full-time...and losing a granddaddy...and a small home reno (vaguely strongly reminiscent of Money Pit)...and finishing my M.A.Ed....and Paul finishing his B.S...and simply life in between it all.

While this summer is already filled with lots of stuff--baby showers and weddings and parties and curriculum training and vacation and books to read and projects to complete...--I'm praying to make the most of it. (Next post will share one way I'm praying for boldness and follow-through to make that happen.)

Happy, Happy Summer, Everyone!
(remember, I'm pretending to have a boatload of readers)
Hope your days are filled to the brim with all the best and then let that spill over in blessings to others!

{a little of God's goodness from our recent trip to Hilton Head, SC}

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  1. I'm still on board and looking forward to all those posts! You've been one busy lady!! Love you!


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