Saturday, January 30, 2010 but enjoying being "stuck" at home.

It started coming down early yesterday (Fri.) morning--huge flakes. It would snow for a while, then sleet, then rain. Thankfully, neither of us had to work. Paul got a good bit of homework done, but, for the most part, we had a pretty lazy day. This morning it looked like it had snowed a bit more, and everything was frozen solid. Some people have lost power; thankfully, we have not. We are watching State play LSU right now, and, out the window, I can see the icicles beginning to drip, so maybe we are beginning the meltdown... It's always fun to have a snow day, or two.

Getting ready to do a little much needed cleaning and then cook Italian Meatloaf for dinner (another covert try, so keep your fingers crossed.)


  1. gorgeous pictures. hope you enjoyed your first frozen day married!

  2. Wow, it really did come down there. So Pretty! How did the meatloaf turn out?

  3. Jenna- Thanks! We did enjoy it, although, by today we were beginning to go a little stir crazy! The sun came out today and melted most of it on the roads, but there is still a lot on the ground.

    Emily- The meatloaf turned out delicious! You definitely need to try it. We've already finished off the leftovers :) I've come to the conclusion that carrots are the easiest to hide.
    Oh, and p.s.- When I was helping my mom clean out the house, we found an old bread machine and since she already had one she just let me take it. There was no manual or recipe book with it, but I was able to find a pdf copy online. I tried it out unbelievably easy! Cinnomon raisin bread is baking right now. We'll soon see how it tastes!


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