Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fixing Up the Place...

Ah, the joys of home ownership. And really, no sarcasm intended here. We spent most of last weekend doing some much need repairs and sprucing up around our house and yard. (Thanks to Paul's step-dad for coming over and helping us out for a couple of hours--Paul needed a little more muscle than I could offer for a few of the tasks!)  Took lots of elbow grease, but I really had fun working with the hubs and by the end of Saturday night, we were pretty proud of what we had accomplished.  (Even though we still have much to do!)

I attempted to document our progress...

Friday night we began pulling up every one of these pesky weeds...there is some real grass under there, I just know it.  I continued this drive-you-crazy task off & on all day Saturday. We finally got the whole front and side yards knocked out. And many thanks to our neighbors for loaning us this little contraption! I was definitely sore and sun-burned by about 8pm. Let's hope those little devils, er I mean weeds, find a new home.  Fat chance.

{rotten trim boards from the front corner of the house}

 {new boards up!}

 {I like a workin' man :)}

Our fence has been leaning (severely!) for a while...
maybe this post had something to do with it?

{new post set}

 {$2 find at hobby lobby! now i just need to dab a little brown paint on the screws}

{no "before shot" of this, but a friend's bulldog got a little bored one night and decided to have a little siding snack :) so we had to replace that board. now just need to paint it}

{picked up a hydrangea plant--my very favorite flower...}
{and a strawberry plant}
 {now I just need to re-pot them! can't wait for some sweet, homegrown strawberries!!}

Lots of projects still to go, but that's ok...what would be the fun in having everything done?! Enjoyed this weekend of work with my Paul and looking forward to this Memorial Day weekend with some good friends at the lake!


  1. The weekend work "with" Paul? What does "with" mean? I only see Paul working. I do see a painted toenail in one picture which suggests "with" means that person wasn't in working clothes and was "with" camera to document other people sweating.

    At least tell me "with" meant Paul got some sweet tea or lemonade delivered "with" a smile. Or do those not fit on his list of things he likes? :)

    Congrats to getting a lot of much needed work done. Always fun to get tasks completed

  2. Um, I totally was in working clothes, thank you. And you can ask Paul, I definitely did my share of the work. Plenty of sunburn, sweat, and muscle-ache to prove it. :) And yes, he got some ice water delivered "with" a smile!

  3. Love accomplishing desired and needed repairs! NICE!


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