Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Miss This Family!!

Jim, Anne, Walt (or the spider monkey), & Eleanor (or the back of E's wispy, curly head)
My second family at Mississippi State. Aren't they precious?!
They just posted this vaca pic on their blog, and I had to share it.

Freshman year, I took a modern American history class from a "Dr. Giesen" (just "Jim," now) and as they say, the rest is history. (Sorry, I can't help that the cliche fit so nicely.) I started babysitting their oldest, Walt, when he was just 3 months old. Look how big he is now! He will be four in September! Just a few days after Paul & I got married, little Eleanor was born. And since I still had one last semester in Starkville, I got to keep this little chickadee a couple days a week, too.  How can she be almost two?

Since you can't see W & E's faces very well in the fist pic...

They are growing up too fast, and pics like these make me a little jealous of whoever the new babysitter is!! :)  Miss y'all & Gus, too!

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  1. It has been way too long since I checked in on your blog and this post brought tears to my eyes! We miss you so much, too. Happy second anniversary. I hope you and Paul did something fun to celebrate. Eleanor enjoyed her second birthday on Saturday, and knew exactly how to "bow out candles" -- and spit all over-- the cake Jim made her. Let me know if you and Paul can come visit for a football game, and we'll try to make to Memphis this fall. Good luck in the new school year! Anne


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