Friday, July 6, 2012

{graduations} Oh, Happy Day!

This May was full of graduations for us!

- My brother graduated from Mississippi State University with a B.S. in Agricultural Science and a minor in Ag. Business. And he already has his first "big boy job"! I am so proud of him! (no pics because he didn't want to "walk"--he's cool like that.)

- After a long two years Paul finished his B.S. in Technology Leadership. He completed it through Fort Hays State University which is in Kansas. (I was totally willing to make the drive, but he didn't want to walk either...I guess he's a cool kid, too.) It was definitely a trying--to say the very least--two years because Paul hates school more than just about everything. But I'm really glad we stuck it out! May 12th (his technical graduation date) was a really big day of relief and thankfulness! 

- I finished my Master of Arts in Education through Union University. Though it was challenging, particularly in the second year of the program, working full time and going to school, overall I really enjoyed the program and learned tons! Since my bachelor's was in English and not in education, I knew the content I would be teaching very well, but I really had a lot to learn about the how of learning and teaching. Looking back on this and this it's strange to think I'm now on the other side of that journey; two years seems both so long and so short at the same time. Time is funny like that, isn't it? Of course, I'm a nerd and wanted to walk, so my sweet family humored me and came to watch--enduring a hot and long ceremony! Felt so good to cap off those years of hard work!

{The clock tower at Union waiting on graduation to start.}

{Paul trying not to fry in the super hot sun!}
{May 19th...a really good day!} 

{love him}

{my sweet Mother-in-Law came...
she was so supportive and encouraging the whole time we were in school}

{Mama and siblings, Steven and Caroline...always by my side!}

{getting a hug from my baby sis. love her!}


{my little-big brother}
My dad, littlest sister Mattie, and Grandmama also came to graduation but had to leave as soon as I walked because my Grandmama's back was hurting. Really hate I didn't get a pic with them, but so grateful for their presence that night!

Definitely so glad we have school knocked out. Better now than to wish 5 or 10 years--and a possibly a few kids--from now that we had done it. I canNOT imagine how challenging doing school and having kiddos is--my hat's off to all those people that have done and are doing that!

God was so faithful to see us through the hard days, long nights, and frustrating moments. Though there were definitely times when we tried to do things the hard way--in our own strength--and I'm so glad he never leaves us or forsakes. This time with both of us in school was a continual spiritual lesson in which God was teaching us: He is always right there, ready to be our strength if we just surrender! I hope that is some encouragement for you if you are juggling the work/school thing or whatever else you may be feeling inadequate to face! 

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