Tuesday, December 24, 2013

This is Christmas: Partnering for Permanency

Merry Christmas Eve, y'all! You may already be en route to Grandmother's house or frantically preparing to host Christmas festivities in your own home, but I pray you'll take a few moments to stop. To breath deep. To grasp the BIGNESS of this season. Maybe reading this will help?
So it’s here. The lights, the trees, the music, the parties and family dinners, the shopping and the gifts. These symbols are the so-called staples of the American Christmas scene, and they seem to ever increasingly blur the connection between Christmas and that dirty Bethlehem feed trough that was graced with our Creator God in the smooth, pink skin of a baby.
It seems so long ago and far away, doesn’t it? And really, was that “holy night” that big of a deal? [...] (Click the ellipsis to continue reading.)
I'm so thankful for the work God is doing through The Forsaken Children to bring the permanency of His love to the precious hearts of children in Ethiopia. And thank you, TFC, for giving me the opportunity to spill a little "ink."

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