Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Just One Thing

Don't you wish sometimes you had just one thing on which to focus? I have been wishing that A LOT lately. These past couple of months, my mind and heart and schedule and to-do list has been so crammed full. I can't seem to get ahead, and I can't remember anything. I mean, I've questioned my sanity on more than several occasions recently. (I'm sure my husband is giving a foot stompin' "Amen!" that statement.) But is this hurried, task-oriented existence what Jesus has called me to? Maybe you're wondering that, too?

The answer to that question came last week, as the Lord vividly reminded me of a precious, and at the time, shocking, scene from my time in Ethiopia this summer. Let me introduce you to Nega... 
I wish everyone could get to know Nega.
Nega is the director of TFC’s on the ground efforts in Ethiopia. Honestly, I’ve only “known” him for a short while— the only time I’ve been around him and seen him in action was for a short week this summer while on my first trip to Ethiopia. But, wow. This man never seems...
 Nega and Sarah

You can click the ellipsis above to read more if you'd like.

This was the last of the three posts I originally was scheduled to write for TFC. (If you missed the first two, click here and here.) I am so thankful to Joe and the rest of the amazing TFC staff for extending me the sweet opportunity to share on their blog these past three months. And I'm so excited and beyond grateful to have been given an "open invitation" to continue writing for TFC. That invitation is such a blessing as I enjoy writing and teach English/writing every day, but don't often have/take time to write much outside of that. 

I ramble on pages (screens) to help me make sense of stuff. And maybe occasionally the Lord will use my rambling to help you navigate this life, too. Or maybe just give you a good laugh as you thank Him that you're not quite as messed up and nerdy as me. :)

Praying that you and I will intentionally slow down to make sure we don't miss knowing our Savior and loving those around us.

All's Grace,

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