Tuesday, July 27, 2010

really missing MSU...

Lately I've found myself missing Starkville and college a little bit, well maybe a lot.  

Maybe the reality is hitting me that I won't be picking up my student tickets and yelling "GO STATE!" like a crazy person with my cow bell in hand at every home game this season...

Davis Wade Stadium. MSU vs. South Carolina. Freshman year: October 2006.

Here are a few more reasons why I'm sorely missing college and living in Starkville...

Hoops at the Hump.

and watching Jarvis Varnado aka "SWAT" make block after block!
[now can't wait to watch him with the Miami Heat!!]

my sweet roomie, Diana, during sophomore year.

this divine place.

and more of our favorite good eats like 
{Petty's BBQ} 
{Little Dooey's} 

this little man, Walt, and his whole family. miss them tons!
[I started keeping him when he was 3 months old and now look at him! and he's got a baby sister now, too--Eleanor!]

camping out at Huddle House with Emily till 2am drinking coffee and working on our papers and maybe talking more than was absolutely necessary since we were supposed to be writing :).

Lee Hall = home of the English department = where I spent many, many hours.

As you can tell, Mississippi State/Starkville [for they really are inseparable] is one of my very favorite places. I'm maroon and white to the core :) Thanks for humoring me on my "trip down memory lane."  And if you aren't a Bulldawg, you don't know what you're missing!



  1. GO STATE! ;)
    Although it's not my 1a team to cheer for these days, since I graduated from Memphis, played for Memphis, and married a die hard Kentucky fan. The DAWGS are definitely on my radar for wishing them well. I was a MSU attendee from Aug 2001 - May 2003 (Fresh & Soph years) - there was a lot less in Starkville even during that time... but still many good memories none the less. Bulldog Deli, YUM! My middle sis graduated from there in uhhhh.... 2008 and so did her hubby a year or so earlier.


  2. First of all, Mrs. McGoo is a dork.

    Secondly...I know what I'd be missing. Winning. ;)

    Sorry, couldn't resist. Let me know if you guys ever want to attend a game against UK. We'd be up for a trip down there to watch the Cats roll over the Bulldogs. And yeah, I'd love to go to Bulldog Deli. I did like that place.

    All in all though, Starkville is a fun place. Except that ringing in my ears when I leave.

  3. hey, I tried to be a bulldog....doesnt that count? :F

  4. Mrs. McGoo- LOVE that you ended your comment with the fight song! and yes, Bulldog Deli is YUM...I can't believe I forgot to put it on my list of faves.

    Mr. McGoo- We've already established your "first of all", and the fact that she and I are a lot alike. What's it to ya?! And about winning...I really could care less if we lose every game EXCEPT for the Egg Bowl. I'm true blue regardless of the stats. And about that ringing in your ears, it's a sweet melody, you must admit.

    Bethany, my dear friend, I am still sad you didn't stay. But I do have to give you credit for trying!

  5. "True Blue"??? I thought for sure that it would take me commenting a little more about UK before you'd change to the cool team...but only one post. Nice. Welcome to the Big Blue Nation. ;)

  6. Mr. McGoo- NEVER!!! (but I will admit that I should have considered my word choice a bit more carefully.)


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