Thursday, July 29, 2010


You may remember [from a few posts back] the ol' 1962 Lincoln that we've been trying to sell...well, it SOLD! Finally. After much prayer, a few tears, and two Ebay flops, [why people would bid on something that they don't intend to or can't pay for is beyond me] the Los Angeles city attorney bought it yesterday to use as a "parade car"! [He knows Jennifer Aniston, by the way...I thought that was prettty cool :)] God is so faithful. Since I don't have a full time job right now, this sale is a huge blessing and weight lifted from a pretty really tight budget lately.  He blessed us with a good profit, and we are so thankful to have a done deal...and be on our way to the BEACH! We haven't been on a trip, even a weekend away, since our honeymoon. Looking forward to some chill time before we both hit the books again soon. We found a {super great deal} on a condo in Panama City, FL that we will be sharing with Kelly (Paul's sis) and her husband, Nick, and Taylor. Leaving this Saturday at 5am... SO excited. 

Now, I'm off to mail the title to the LA City Hall and meet my love to go shop for some new sunglasses among other beach necessities!  


  1. OKay !! that is SO SO awesome...all of it..the person who bought it...that it got sold...and yall getting a summer vacay before school starts back! love yall to pieces and hope the trip goes great...I NEED pics afterwards please! OH and one more thing LOVING your bookshelf on the blog.Adorable!looks like some good reads I will have to follow up on! :F

  2. Good to hear. Paul was telling us about it last weekend at the cookout.

    You guys have a fun and safe trip.

  3. Bethany- :F thanks, and yes, there will be pa-lenty of pics to post when we get back! [however, I must say that no beach pics will EvEr beat yall's at Vero Beach--I'm still J over them! ;)] As for my bookshelf...I just finished _A Thousand Splendid Suns_. It is intense, but you def should read it. You can borrow it when we have our cup 'o tea soon! Love you!

    Thanks, Mr. McGoo!


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