Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Life lately for us:

Our niece, Taylor, had her first slumber party with us!
{my kinda girl}

{in the ball pit my mom snagged at a garage sale}


{rise & shine!}

the '62 Lincoln Continental Paul bought to fix up & sell on Ebay--the auction ends this Sunday--hoping for enough profit to go on a little vaca!

us at Paul's brother's wedding at the Lichterman Nature Center.

enjoying the patio blooms
{a bit unruly}


photo shoot with my sweet friend Robin & her little chickadee, Olivia Carrington.
[I just love her name.]

a kitchen table re-do that took me entirely too long to finish. many thanks to my mama who helped 
tremendously with the sanding & staining!
{he was very interested in the project}
I can't believe how quickly the summer is passing! And to think that this time last year, we were scrambling around finishing up wedding details...


  1. did you take the black & white photos from the "shoot"?! They are beautiful and so clear! wow!

  2. Those are pretty good photos. Glad to see you back to bloggin'

  3. Thanks! I didn't mean to take nearly a month long hiatus.

  4. ok first. You look adorable in the pic holding the baby!!! OF COURSE AS ALWAYS:) second. I like the car. call me crazy but i think its cool. third. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE TABLE. good job!!! and LAST BUT NOT LEAST> I.want.a.ball.pit.NOW!


  5. 1) Thank you, dear!
    2) I kinda like the car, too. I mean when we cruised it around the neighborhood, I felt like like an old movie star in a convertible in Hollywood! Maybe that's an exaggeration but it was fun.
    3) Thanks...I can def say one thing: I will NOT be taking on that big of a re-do that involves sanding & staining any time soon!!
    4) HAHA! You can come play in ours any time!


love hearing your thoughts!

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