Tuesday, April 5, 2011

She Turns Two!

Our niece, Taylor, (Paul's sister's little girl) turned two March 26th! Besides being super cute and funny, she's a huge Elmo fan, so Paul and I decided to take her to see Sesame Street Live since it was playing at the FedEx Forum the weekend of her birthday.  We had so much fun watching her dance and clap to the show.  And she totally melted our heart on the way home when she started singing--just out of the blue--"Jesus Loves Me."  
Here are a few pics...

Our beautiful Friday night date...on the way to Sesame Street!

Yep, he's smitten! and she loves her "Unca Pau."

Saturday we helped her celebrate with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party.  Kelly had her in THE most adorable outfit (see pics below), and even though the moon bounce was rained out, everyone still had a great time.  

{Super cute wreath Kelly made}
{Pre-party Primping}
{Ready to welcome her guests}
{Check out those heels!}
{Taste-testing before blowing out the candles}
{Post-party--Singing "Happy Birthday" to get her to smile...after 461 pictures we had to do a little coaxing :)}

We love this little chica and had so much fun celebrating her 2nd!


  1. this made me tear up!! so thankful that she has an aunt and uncle that love her so much. it means the world to me :)


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