Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Let me tell you about Laura.  She's my sweet cousin (our dads are brothers).  She has the biggest, brightest smile you'll probably ever see.  A soft-spoken spirit that radiates kindness.  She gets as brown as a bean in 5 minutes on the beach (which totally cramps my style on family beach trips because it takes hours for me to nix the pastiness.) She's a marathon runner. A fluent Spanish speaker.  My freshman roomie.  A music lover (she can sing and play the piano, too. oh and she can dance, too...I wish we had video of all the times waltzed and tangoed around Grandmama's living room to her old records).  And a born teacher, especially gifted with those little ones.  

A little blast from the past--tailgating, sophomore year.
She's probably going to kill me for writing this post.  But she'll just have to be embarrassed and mad at me later.  :)  I just have to say how proud of her I am.  Laura has responded in obedience to the Lord in a huge way.  On June 28, she will leave to spend the next year of her life in Ecuador teaching English.  As I think about this huge step of obedience she is taking, I am reminded that it is in all the little ways she has been obedient that have led her to this place.  It is so amazing to see how God has been working in her life these past few years, all the little ways he has prepared her for this, His mission.

Laura will be working with Emmanuel Christian School in Macas, Ecuador.  (Macas is the capital of Morona Santiago province which is located in the eastern part of the country.)
While it is a Christian school, about 70% of the students come from non-Christian families.  So, more important than her role of teaching English, she will have the opportunity to share with her students the great love the Father has for us and His desire for an intimate relationship with us.  She has said that she knows "wholeheartedly" that this is exactly what she is supposed to be doing.   What joy and peace we can experience when we follow God's leading.  I am so thankful for her example of obedience, and I am so SO excited for her in this next year of her life!  I canNOT wait to see how God continues to work through her to draw people to Himself.  

Check out these two posts to hear about all this straight from the horse's mouth... :)

{If you have a moment, will you join me in praying for Laura as she gets everything in place for her journey in June and for her life in Ecuador this next year?  Pray for strength, peace, financial provision, and the sensitivity to see and then boldness to respond to the opportunities she will have to share Christ with her students.  If God leads you to financially support His work through Laura, you can learn more about ways to do that here.}             

I'm so excited for you Laurla! Now I've just **got to get a webcam** for this ancient computer of mine so that I can actually see/talk to you while you're gone!  I can't imagine not seeing you for a whole year!         


  1. So you'll get a webcam before you get texting on your phone eh?

    Seriously, that is really cool. For a minute there I thought you were pimping her for a man. ;)

    Love to see people follow the Lord in obedience

  2. Mrs.-yes, she's a Loftin :)

  3. Rachel- this post made me cry! I loved it! Like you, I can't imagine not seeing her for an entire year--but am certain this is where she is supposed to be, serving the Lord! Hope you're doing well!!

  4. Allison- We're going to miss her, aren't we?! But so excited to see her take this journey! Hope all is well with you, too!


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